Barricades? What barricades? You mean pillow forts. For the party. Yeah, good times. Les amis, such cuties and dorks, totally alive and doing adorable fluffy stuff.

Complete and Utter Denial, an autobiography by me

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casual reminder that jean valjean learned how to read and write in prison so that he could gain more of an edge in seeking revenge against the people who caused him to waste 19 years of his life but what he actually ended up doing with this skill was bringing the economy of a seaside town back to life and teaching a little girl the alphabet

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oh my god in my dream last night my little cousin was over and my mom told her to go check if i was awake and i was like half-asleep and she goes back to my mom and is giggling about how i was naked and i got so pissed and i started shouting NO I’M NOT NAKED I’M IN A FUCKING SHIFT IF IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH TO NOT MAKE JEAN VALJEAN NAKED THEN IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME


Other Girls: Fake Boobs, Fake Tan, Make Up, Thigh Gap, Jersey Shore, Justin Bieber, Pop Music, Starbucks

Me: Red smock, lifting flagpoles, fake names, buying children, giving alms,   homoerotic tension, 24601, who am I?  I’m Jean Valjean.

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"I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I’m miserable now."

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friendship: your friend is talking about their local Les Mis production’s enjolras and you ask ‘omg does he *know*’ and your friend knows exactly what you’re asking

Grantaire: What if I can't make it to the revolution? What if I'm doing something that can't be cancelled?
Enjolras: Grantaire, when are you ever doing something that can't be cancelled?


Remember that time Jean Valjean told Cosette she needed to get a maid.

And Cosette answered, “Have I not Marius?”

Never forget this thing.

Cosette haters.

I’m looking at you.